Off Car Fuel Injector Cleaning

Mobile fuel Injector Service

Our qualified mobile technician can come to you, either at home or workplace to provide the off car cleaning required. Because your injectors are tested off the car they need to be removed either by yourself or if required we can do this for you. We then test the injectors by putting them on to the test bench which simulates what your injectors are doing within in your engine. We do various tests on the injectors such as, checking the spray pattern, checking the volume of fuel coming out of the injector, seeing if the injector is holding fuel pressure and also assessing the solenoid operation. Testing the injector in this way will make it clear if a problem exists within the injector itself or not.


Once the initial testing is done then we proceed to clean the injectors and replace any necessary parts such as filters, seals and pintle caps. The injectors are once again tested to make sure all the injectors are working evenly as it is important that all injectors are delivering the same amount of fuel per cylinder, in the right way. We can then refit the injectors for you or you can choose to do that yourself.

Side Feed And Direct Injectors

diesel injector testing

As well as cleaning and servicing top feed injectors we can also clean and test side feed injectors. Side feed injectors sit inside the fuel rail and the fuel travels from the side as opposed to the conventional way through the top of the injector. These types of injectors are commonly found on Nissian, Subaru, Peugot and Toyota.

We use the same procedure to test the injectors as top feed injectors however there are additional tests to be done and seals to be replaced.


Direct Injectors are the latest technology in fuel injection and sit directly in the cylinder. They work under very high pressure and require a higher voltage and amperage in order to test them properly and we have the necessary equipment to do so.


The injector is designed to deliver a certain amount of fuel to each cylinder regardless if it is a petrol or a diesel injector, and so if the injectors are not working correctly the vehicle may experience some of the following symptoms:


• Rough idle


• Engine misfire


• Lack of engine power


• Excessive fuel consumption


• Hard starting (hot or cold)


• Hesitation on acceleration


• Excessive exhaust emissions

Diesel Injector Cleaning, Tesing and Servicing

We supply the same service as our petrol injector servicing. We can come to you either at home or at work. You can have our qualified technician remove and refit the injectors for you which we highly recommend as damage can occur to both the vehicle and the injectors if not done properly, safely and with adequate knowledge. The damage that can be caused by inexperienced or unlicensed people can be costly and may involve complete engine failure or injector damage.


Once the injectors are removed they are tested for fuel atomization, fuel volume and fuel flow. The injector is then pulled apart and, any necessary parts such as nozzles, pintles, shims ,and springs are replaced. The injector is tested again to make sure it opens at the right pressure and is atomizing or shattering properly, and the return rate is right. Seals and washers are replaced and then we can refit the injector. Again we recommend this to be done by a qualified technician as it is crucial the injector is reinstalled correctly.


The latest technology in diesel fuel systems are the common rail diesel injectors which are electronically operated by the Electronic Computer Management system. We are also equipped to clean and test these injectors and in some cases replace them. We also test EUI injectors commonly found on VW Golf, Passat and Transporter and Audi.

Removal Of Seized Or Stuck Injectors

Rail diesel injector cleaning

We are equipped with the necessary tools required to fix seized or stuck injectors.


An increasingly common problem for European vehicles for example: Renault, Citroen, Fiat, Mercedes and BMW and some Japanese vehicles as they get older and injectors become stuck or seized within the cylinder head and require specialized tools in order to remove them without having to remove the cylinder head saving time and money.

Diesel Pump Repairs And Overhaul

Diesel pumps have a number of components inside which can fail or wear out over a period of time, such as seals, solenoids, springs, bushes and shafts causing such things as leaks, lack of engine power in the vehicle, excessive exhaust emissions and in some cases failure to start at all. We can repair or overhaul various diesel pumps.

Diesel Diagnostics

If you are having difficulty diagnosing or detecting Common Rail diesel Injectors problems in Cleaning or Testing, we can assist you in this area.